Where are you Christmas?

90% humidity….. are you f $#@ing kidding me? It was 82 degrees today!

I don’t know how much more the rabbits can take of this!

The temperature dropped to 30 degrees at night last Saturday , and here,  as I post this at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, humidity is still at 90 frigging % and 71 degrees… As you can tell, this is not a deep post about family, giving, nor my criticism of the materialistic wants of socitey. I just want my babies to be ok.


My rabbits are hardy, at least the ones that are left. I have cleaned out what I could, excavating out under cages and replacing it with clean straw… but 3″ of rain in 48 hours and everything is a saturated, muddy mess again.

These temps and humidity are so very hard for them (and us) in the summer, but with full coats….

Rabbits are starting to show some respiratory side effects… just some runny noses.  With VetRX and ecinacia tea, it has not escalated into anything worse. But even though they are eating, they are rapidly losing  condition. I can feel their spines starting to stick out. No GI sympoms yet, but anyone not pregnant or nursing is on antibiotics for coccidiosis. I hate using them, but,in humans, what they are going through compares to ulcers, irritable bowel, or other stress induced GI issues.

We have air flow the best we can,but it is so damp, if the temp changes we can make the condition worse.

I am heartbroken,  and feel as though I am torturing my babies. This is my livelihood. If they can’t breed because they are sick, or if they die, so does my business… so I guess this IS about my family.

Now, to try and sleep in a house with no HVAC connected, that is so damp I think mold it starting to grow on the walls… yuck!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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