Student Feedback

A detailed analysis of course evaluation metrics can be found in this Teaching Evaluation Documents

Adding Different Amendments can Change how Particle Size is read

Adding Different Amendments can Change how Particle Size is read

Select Student Feedback for Soils 511: Graduate Level Soil Physics

“The TA did not take for granted any background knowledge of soil physics, and did a good job explaining the topics in a simple way.”

“Ms. Liesch is a natural educator. She is very creative in describing difficult subject matter. She also displays great patience and works very hard to make labs a meaningful learning experience. I also was really impressed with her openness and willingness to meet students outside of class to discuss laboratory procedures and other material. Dr. Heitman is truly blessed to have a student such as Ms. Liesch working for him.”

“Amanda was enthusiastic and she also had the students best interest at heart, within the framework of teaching and the student learning the material to the best degree available. Her practical, down-to-earth attitude about the labs help students believe they were capable of completing the lab without conflict, and when unexpected results occurred during the lab she was able to select a reasonable solution which minimized undue effort but which required completion of the activities. We were able to enter the lab knowing the attitude would be instructional and focused, but also geared towards learning and enjoying the process as well. It was my first lab in a loooong time and found it to be much more enjoyable than others I remembered from years ago. What a pleasure!”

“I appreciate the time outside of class taken to help students. Some of the introductions to labs were unorthodox but still enjoyable and very effective.”

With oreos and fudge, rock formation can be simulated, and then enjoyed

With oreos and fudge, rock formation can be simulated, and then enjoyed

Soil Science 201: Introduction to Soil Science Lab

“Amanda did a good job walking us through lab assignments and making sure that everyone in class was keeping up with what was going on in class. She also made an effort to assist students in preparing for the final exam by supplying a review sheet to students. Overall, I felt she did an exceptional job as a lab instructor.”

“Very knowledgeable and a little quirky (that’s a good thing). I think she should make the class work a little harder.”

“The course itself was not too difficult. Partly because Amanda did a good job explaining the course and partly because it was just an extension of what was learned that week in lecture. The lab was useful because it allowed students to apply what they learned in class that week, which in turn made the concepts easier to understand and remember.”

“Excellent teacher and truly desires for students to learn, ask questions and become engaged. She is passionate about the subject and goes out of her way to assist students if they have a question regarding specifics. Truly has a heart for teaching.”


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