Other Teaching Related Things

This page is dedicated to the other miscellaneous teaching duties, like committee involvements, teaching seminars, and other things.

North Carolina State University: Fundamentals in Teaching Workshops 

Teaching Philosophy Peer Review 2/1/13

Establishing Credibility and Authority in the Classroom 7/23/12

Helping Students Organize Their Knowledge – What a Concept! (blended workshop in 3 parts)  6/5/12

Writing Learning Outcomes 1/30/12

Incorporating Active Learning Strategies in Your Online Environment – 1/24/2012

Introduction to the Teaching Portfolio – 1/21/2012

North Carolina State University: Professional Development Workshops

Time Management’ 1/14/13

Sustainable Leadership and Creativity 1/15/13

How to Prepare for the Academic Job Market (Even If You’re Still in Grad School) 1 /23/12

Write More: Tools for Increasing Your Productivity as a Writer 9/17/12

Procrastination: Why People Use It and How to Stop It 8/27/12

Kansas State University Department of Agronomy Course and Curriculum Committee


Was part of the subcommittee that developed the course

AGRON 602 – Agronomy Capstone Experience
Credits: (3)
A culminating learning experience to apply the knowledge gained by the student in the undergraduate curriculum, to apply the skills of problem-solving and critical thinking, and to develop the ability to work in teams and participate in civil discourses. Current issues in Agronomy will be discussed and a team project will be completed.

Kansas State University: Becoming a Better Teacher. January 2010

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