Course Reflection

I am about ready to embark on a career as a sustainable sheep/rabbit/duck farmer. I am excited that I took this course, because a small farmer needs to optimize their use of time. Using the powerful GIS based tools, we can use technology to optimize our marketing plan, both to grocery stores and restaurants. The segment on census data, geocoding addresses, and database cardinality issues are very helpful for market optimization.

We are also very concerned with the environment, pasture quality, and water access. The various lessons in spatial analysis, land use, raster data, and more can make sure that we continue to optimize our environment.

We are also looking to do several building projects, including a USDA and FDA inspected facility to be able to process our own rabbits, gamebirds, and sheep, a new rabbit barn, and a facility for taxidermy and tanning skins. The AutoCAD conversion data will be super useful in dealing with engineering.

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