Teaching Experience

University Teaching Experience

SSC 200 – Introduction to Soil Science Lab

North Carolina State University: Spring 2013, Fall 2012

Description: Facilitated 24 students each semester in calculations, activities, and discussion for the introduction lab. Developed course materials can be found here.

SSC 511 – Graduate Soil Physics Lab

North Carolina State University: Fall 2012

Description: Taught pre lab lectures,  ran hands on lab activities, and graded lab reports for 18 graduate students

AGRON 515: Soil Genesis and Classification

Kansas State University: Spring 2010

Description: Was a lab TA, teaching about morphology and genesis, and leading field trips to pits, helping students describe and classify the soils inside. I also got to lecture twice.

HON 181: Freshman Honors Seminar: Soundtrack of Your Life

University of Wisconsin – River Falls: Spring 2009

Description: Created a one credit honors seminar for freshman analyzing the effects of music on the lives of the twenty students, creating and autobiographical CD for a final project, and discussing their life stories in class. This seminar was my idea, and it is still being run on campus today.

HON 181: Freshman Honors Seminar:  See the World Without Leaving Home

University of Wisconsin – River Falls: Spring 2008

Description: Facilitated discussions on global issues, such as religion, food agriculture, global warming, health care, education, urbanization, and environmental degradation for five students.

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