Teaching Home

This is the Online Teaching Portfolio for Mandy Liesch, who is currently a PhD student at North Carolina State University. This page is centered around her teaching activities. Information about her research and publications can be found elsewhere.

This page includes:

Teaching Statement – What motivates Mandy to teach? What does she want out of her students?

Teaching Artifacts – The case studies, informational handouts, online videos and links designed to facilitate student learning.

Teaching Experience – This chronicles university and higher education teaching only. A list of K-12 accomplishments, teaching resources, and other community development work can be found on the K-12 extension page.

Student Feedback – this is course feedback from the two laboratory courses that I have taught. A detailed evaluation download is available.

Other Teaching Activities and Professional Development This includes university and national committee appointments, professional development seminars attended, and professional development programs developed.

Home Page

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