All Still Here!

I haven’t lost another female since my last post. It has been chaos around here, cleaning and sanitizing absolutely EVERYTHING! I got a new propane torch that I can’t wait to use once it stops raining.

Granain and Magyk are still with us…. After a few days of force feeding, they are back to eating again. I think I cried when they started to eat again.


They had what is known as GI stasis, which is triggered by the same stress that triggered the respiratory stresses in the other rabbits. Once they started to eat, Magician, my amazing doe (who was utterly mowing down twice as much food as she needed), stopped eating. So, I am administering force feeding to her, and one of Physik’s son, just to be safe. 

It is so much effort, literally 2-3 hours every day. At least I am getting good at it!



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