Hay and Wood

Who doesn’t like getting an entire trailerful of wood for $85 (including delivery)? Apparently, if the power goes out in a storm, our little town is one of the last areas that regains it. Since we have an amazing fireplace, it makes sense to have a backup plan.

Epic fireplace

Epic fireplace

Now, I sort of suck as a prepper… don’t get me wrong, planning ahead is not my forte. However, if everything goes drastically wrong, I want to be able to feed my animals something and stay warm.

I also got 15 bales of fescue mix hay delivered from the local coop. Should hopefully be set through the winter months on the hay front (until March), in case the weather is like last years dreadful, cold, awfulness. Then again, I will also have new babies born, so it may not last as long as I want.

Redneck enough yet?

Redneck enough yet?


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