My Tattooing System

Well, I got this brand new tattoo kit for rabbits at Bass Equipment company. 

I am going to use it to tattoo all of my rabbits, so I can know the individual weight gains, the parents, and everything else without having to dig through records and tell them apart. I have two sets of numbered digits, and the alphabet.

On Sunday the 28th, I decided that I had too many white guinea pigs. They needed to get a tattoo so I could tell them apart somehow for breeding records and weight gain purposes.  The Abyssinian (or fluffy) Pigs were one set of numbers, and the Americans were another set. They got individual numbers, only 1 for Abyssinian right now, and 1-4 with the Americans. I don’t know how well it will stick, as their ears are small, and have darker fringe on them.

Rabbit Numbering System

Each rabbitry has its own tattooing code for ID purposes. I chose a four letter system, Buck, Doe, Litter #, Gender of Baby.  The first letter stands for a certain buck, the second letter stands for a certain doe, the litter number indicates the litters the baby comes from that year, an odd number means that animal is a buck and an even
number means it is a doe.

For example, PA21 means that Physick is the father, Alchymyst is the mother, it is her second litter of the year, and this baby is a buck…


  • Physick – P
  • Leo – L


  • Alchymyst – A
  • Darke – D
  • Flyte – F
  • Magician – M
  • Magyck – K
  • Necromancer – N
  • Queste – Q
  • Sorceress – S
  • Syren – Y



5 responses to “My Tattooing System

  1. Well, they wheeked when I clamped, but were fine before and after. I would actually recommend the pen style one for guinea pigs though… I got the clamp one for the rabbits, mostly. I just have some Himalayan colored ones that I can’t tell apart, and I think their ears may be too dark to read traditional clamps.


  2. You might try white ink for the darker ears. White tattoo ink is often used in black-eared rabbits. I have thought about the pen, but I’m not sure if mine would sit for it.


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