Sorting Hat of November Piggies!

Well, I am trying to get a handle on my breeding records by creating a new base page for all of my breeding harems. I also really need to build a new outdoor cage… The list goes on and on! (Not including the dissertation or house cleaning).  But, Raspberry’s babies are a month old, and are ready to be sexed and moved (and are around 0.5 lbs each). There are three males, and one female.


Toast: This is one of Raspberries girls, and at one month of age, is 0.53 lbs. She and Mandarin (only 1.15 lbs) are now in the female growout pen.

Three females were able to graduate from the growout pen to the breeding pen.  This leaves 9 in the growout pen.


Hero is 1.44 lbs, and was born on September 1, 2014!


Chunk is already above 1.37 lbs!  Pretty great for a pig born on September 3!


Grape is at 1.35 lbs. She has been gaining weight VERY slowly. When I got her in late August, she was around a month old, and was 0.49 lbs. She was hovering in the 1.2 lb range for over a month.

Harvest/maturation of 1.3 lbs occurs around 4-4.5 months with my current feeding regimen.  I feed primarily hay and grass, so gain is slow. Supplementing with spent grain increases these gains. Need to brew more!

I have 11 males in growout. Three of the 0.5 lb males born November 23. Three males averaging 0.74 lbs born in mid October, four 0.99 lb pigs born in late September, and one male born in early September at 1.29 lbs.


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