Bunnies Over Three Weeks


The rabbits are growing very well. Magicians litter is 23 days old. The hair patterns are starting to show a bit of the lionhead gene from Leo, giving them little beards. Weightwise, they are averaging 0.59 lbs each for the 8 of them. Thirteen days ago, the weight averaged 0.31 lbs, gaining 0.02 lbs per day. One of the red ones is the biggest, closely followed by the white rabbit. I can’t wait to harvest furs from this set.


Sorceress’s litter is 19 days old (one is 17 days old). They are averaging 0.45 lbs, including the 17 day old one who is at 0.41 lbs. Thirteen days ago,  they averaged 0.2 lbs each, gaining 0.016 lbs per day.


One of my followers pointed out that these rabbits weren’t black, but steel colored. Both litters are starting to munch on hay and pellets (like guinea pigs do from birth). They are too darned cute! I hopefully have three other rabbits due this week. Darke did not end up breeding successfully, and I don’t think Queste did either.


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