Introducing Mandarin and Waffle!


Craigslist has been pretty dry as of late for guinea pigs. I am always on the lookout for some new ones, and my patience was rewarded with two AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS female pigs around nine months of age. As previously mentioned… I am a sucker for reds, and Waffle is probably one of the most perfect specimens of guinea pigs that I have ever seen! Such a deep reddish/chestnut color, an ample size of nearly 1.89 lbs, lean, with an interesting texture. She also has a few white markings on her.


The second pig is much smaller, at 1.2 lbs. Her name is Mandarin, because she is orange! She is a lot like creme puff. While these girls are in quarantine, I will build a new outdoor pen. I am hopefully gathering up some recyclables to create some really innovative pig housing in the near future.


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