Lost a Baby Piggie and the Chosen Boar

Well, one of my baby piggies ended up with a URI, so I moved her into freezer camp. I really think it is something about the white piggies that makes them susceptible to the infections. It is not all that cold and miserable, but everything is damp…


So much fog… All over.

Their straw is changed daily, they are well fed and watered, and most are very VERY active. Lots of vitamin C, and a variety of greens.

The pigs are gaining 0.05 lbs a week, on average. At 8 weeks, piggies are around 0.6 lbs, by 9 weeks, they are around 0.7 lbs, and by 12 weeks old, they are around 0.9 lbs. These are based on individual pigs.

Though, I chose a new boar, as he is nearly a pound at 12 weeks of age!



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