New Baby Guinea Pigs and Bunny Mortality

Well, i have some sad news. While i was away at the dog show, Syren had seven babies, and lost all but one by today. She is only 8 months old, and this was her first litter. Sorceress had eight and lost three (pretty typical). So, we put Syren’s last baby in with Sorceress, hoping she can foster it for us. Magician still hasn’t lost one yet.

But, we also got three new Guinea Pigs. Both Blueberry and Blackberry gave birth this weekend.


Blackberry is the black one, and Blueberry is the lumpy grey one below.


It is impossible to know which girls birthed which babies. And since there is only three, I am assuming at least one died, or the large baby was a solo birth.


I really like the white head on this baby. The rest of him is brown, and he is a monster of sorts.


This one has a solid brown saddle on her, and a grey patch over her face.


The final baby is black with a tan/orange  splotch. All others are doing well. There is a total of 13 out in the back cage now.

Creme looks about ready to pop any day now. So be on the lookout for that.


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