Who Doesn’t Love Baby Bunnies

Yea, I am writing this post to show how big my baby bunnies have gotten… Cause they are adorable!

Magician had a set of 8 babies 10 days ago.


I seriously can’t believe the color hodgepodge from a white rabbit with spots and a black rabbit. Two reds (which I am a sucker for), three blacks, two white spotted ones, and a grey one.


They are burrowing into their newly changed nestbox (don’t want them to get nest eye, which is a bacterial infection that can cause blindness).


This is my favorite, by far. He is over a tenth of a pound bigger than the 0.31 lb average. And their eyes are opening!

Seven days ago, Sorceress had 8 babies, and five days ago, Syren had babies. Since three of Sorceress’s babies died, and all but one of Syren’s died, we have a mixed litter.


There are two reds, one grey, one white, and two blacks (one from Syren). They are around 0.2 lbs each.


No eyes open yet. Should be open by the end of the weekend. That is all for today, as Creme the Guinea Pig hasn’t had babies yet! Though she looks like she is about to pop any day!


2 responses to “Who Doesn’t Love Baby Bunnies

  1. The dad appears to be a solid black, so genetically they could be the steel combination that appears black? My understanding of the color of genetics is very poor… I read about it, but there are so many alleles and contributing genes, I thought that the father and mother carried a dominant primary color gene, and a recessive black gene. Well, the father is black… but has put out red offspring before.


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