New Fruit Trees!

Well, I have decided to embark on this Sustainable Homebrewstead process. I have been using the spent grains from the brewing process in baking, and now as livestock feed for guinea pigs.

Next logical step is to create some space for hops and barley, and possibly sorghum or wheat. However, since my time is limited right now, I have chosen to deal with some of the fruit and herb additives. I am a huge fan of fruit beer, and experimenting with different elements of fruit and non traditional brewing herbs. 


So, we were at Lowes, and there was a blackberry and fruit tree sale… For $29, we got two apple trees, and two blackberrry bushes (thorn free). The blackberries will be trained up the fence, and the apple trees will be a part of the orchard that is growing in the front yard.



One response to “New Fruit Trees!

  1. You can never go wrong planting fruit trees, in my opinion. I have a list of trees I plan on planting on my homestead, as soon as I install a livestock proof fence to protect them.


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