Finished Sow Cage


So, I have finally finished the Guinea pig cage! It is for the sows to breed and birth in. It is split into two 16 square foot segments, and is 2 feet high. The outside of it is covered with hardware cloth, as is half the top. The whole thing will be covered with a tarp.

Right now, Fluffy has been moved outside, and has a harem of six sows. So does Guineas (Black and Tan, haha), who has been promoted. He is a smaller boar, and perfect for the smaller/first time females.


Male boar for the sows.

I have the hoses hooked up for an automatic watering system, I just ran out of time to hook it up before leaving for California.

The growout boars and growout sows are in the old cage. They will be the next project after the new rabbit cages are built. Hard work never ends.


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