Losses from my Trip

Why do i ever bother leaving?!? Buffy the boar broke into Fluffy the boars cage and vigorously attacked him! Fluffy didn’t end up making it.

The small pig that got soaked and hair dried three weeks ago didn’t end up making it,


The orange baby passed away.


And one of the white and orange ones also died.


A couple of the other ones aren’t looking very good either. I fed a bunch of carrots and fresh hay and grass, hopefully will offset this slide. And keep checking for URIs.

But what hurt the most was losing Creme Puff. She has been a good sow for me.


This is the 1.78 lb female I got from Craigslist

I am thinking there may be some pine needles hidden in the brush, as they are toxic? Or my assistant doesn’t feed them enough? I don’t know.


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