Missing Charcoal!

Sometime Wednesday, Charcoal went missing. Sneaked under the wooden side of the Guinea pig tractor through a hole. She was one of the only pigs that I had that carried two of her children to term (she had three).


This is the free addition from Petsmart, a 1.76 lb female.

Anyways… She has yet to return, and this neighborhood has A LOT of predatory birds and cats and dogs off leash, so I am not optimistic that I will be seeing her again.

Also, guinea pigs can breed as young as three weeks if the males aren’t removed fast enough. The pigs I got from VA didn’t remove the male soon enough, as a juvenile pig that I didn’t even know was pregnant had three babies yesterday. I make them wait until they are 1.3 lbs, and I didn’t even know she was pregnant.

She lost all three due to a small birth canal and inexperience.


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