Boars from VA

And, the final set of pigs I got from VA. The big boars.


This is Candy, a 1.57 lb boar that was the sire for a majority of the herd.

He is the reason that the babies are super creepy and albino.


A 0.75 lb boar


A 0.60 lb boar


A 0.76 lb boar


A 0.65 lb boar

I really like this guys color. Half his body is albino, and the other half is brown and spotted. I may use him as a breeding boar.


A 0.73 lb boar

This is also one of my replacement boars. He will be put into a cage with the grown females once he gains a few more ounces.


A 1.13 lb boar


A 0.96 lb boar


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