Homestead Has a Fence


With three dogs that need agility training, rabbits, and guinea pigs to protect (not to mention future quail and meat chickens)… A secure back yard fence is pretty critical.

I tried the DIY approach, but turned out not to be doable (one man auger I rented spit hot gas onto me, and the bit wasn’t sharpened). Needless to say, I needed to find somebody with a tractor and an auger, or a team.

So, one of the neighbors referred me to a couple of handymen. I buy all materials, and pay them $15 per hour for labor… And we were set. Needless to say, materials are at $1500… I had no idea how much it costs to get an area that big fenced in (124′ x 88′).

But… First big investment in the house will be worth it. Fence is 5′ tall, and nothing will be getting in or out


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