Spytfyre is in Labor

Originally, she would charge me every time I would stick my hand in the cage (seriously, I was kinda scared). Now, she has become accustomed to my hand feedings of grass and veggies, and has grown quite docile. (Not to the petting point quite yet).

She was supposedly bred at 15-18 days when I got her a few weeks ago, making her 28 days this past Friday. I wasn’t even sure the breeding took, as rabbits don’t appear to be pregnant. So, today is day 31 (normal delivery time frame is up to day 34).

Well, I go in and check on her, and see she has pulled out her stomach fur, and is carrying around hay, fur, and digging frantically to build a nest. I cleaned out her entire cage, giving her new nest building materials. During this process, she would stretch out and have contractions. Right now, she is on her fourth set.

She is nervous… And as an unproven doe, I don’t blame her, as she has no idea what is going on. I hope I wake up to naked pinkies of my first batch of rabbits.


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