Finally… A craft studio in the making.

Our last rental house was 1200 square feet with a LOT of wasted space… The new house we bought has a TON of room for me to actually have a proper craft space instead of commandeering the living room.

This room also happens to be my bedroom, with a king size bed that I share with three dogs and a cat… I have so much space between the bed and the armoire that I could put ANOTHER king sized bed.


The beasts approve

The other wall has my soon to be finished craft studio. I have the two cubbies I built last year, as well as the larger shelf to store fabrics, etc. I am beyond pumped. I will hopefully be getting a proper easel too! So I can experiment with pastels on canvas and wood. I also can assemble sewing projects, and jewelry. I need to get a surface on top of it first.


So much space...


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