American Chinchilla Breeding Line

After some major scouting on Craigslist, I was able to find a rare breed of rabbits that I liked. Everyone here grows Californian and New Zealand. Boring white rabbits. They are productive enough, high kit numbers, decent fur, good dress out percentages…

But I was in the search for something different. And the American Chinchilla rabbit was it. They are an endangered rabbit variety, with really low numbers.  They have the same size as New Zealand’s, but are a duel purpose rabbit. They have this amazing grey fur. But when you blow on them… You can see black rings.  I can get and tan their fur (and hopefully turn it into dog toys).

Anyways… Here are my starter stock. I won’t be weighing them until the homestead is set up.


7 mo doe with attitude issues

This is my bred doe, Spitfyre, hopefully due within the week. She really lives up to her name… Charging me, hissing, and thumping her foot on the cage. She is hormonal, and I am a stranger, so hopefully she calms around me a bit. I don’t think she has ever had hay freely available to her, so she is literally gorging on hay and ignoring pellets. But, she will soon be hungry.


The younger sister (9 weeks) of Spytfire, Magyk is totally opposite.

Magyk and Flyte are the younger sisters to Spitfyre. Both girls calmly accept petting, and are gorging on hay hard core right now. They are 9-10 weeks of age.


This is Flyte

They were a little hesitant to accept the tiny handful of greens that I gave them last night. You can tell they had strictly been pellet fed. But, it was gone by morning, so the beginning of the transition was going well. They also love digging into the wood chips.

This is Queste, who was born on April 16. She is a magnificent specimen, and will be ready to breed this October. By then, we will have a fence, and a nice outdoor setup.


This is Physick, the Buck

Finally, I have Physick, the Buck who was born April 25. He should be ready to breed about the same time as his half sister, Queste (different mothers).

All of the rabbits are in our screened in three seasons porch until I am able to get them secured off the ground.


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