New Digs and New Does!

After the unceremonious end to my last rabbitry (needed to liquidate stock after the landlord flipped out, even though we weren’t violating any city codes or laws). We officially have the deed to a new 0.52 acre holding in Granville County, NC. Legal land which I can do whatever I want, and raise whatever I want. The seven adult female guinea pigs (Butters, Creme Puff, Charcoal, Cookie, Cassius, POW, and Missile) and three juveniles (Oreo, Toast, and Pop) are in the green cage, enjoying the super lush lawn. It is so lush, that you can hardly see the pigs.


Where's Butters?!?

I also went up to Stem, NC today to pick up my new American Chinchilla rabbits.  I got a 14 week old female and a 13 week old male. More on this later… But it is exciting to have my own space. These guys are massive rabbits, and hopefully will be as productive as they are sweet.

That is all for me. Lots of unpacking and planning left to do… As well as research and sewing.


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