Homesteading is Mocking Me

There has been a lot of upheaval on the homestead as of late… What with the buying of a house (long story, and no, I wasn’t breaking any city codes or laws), but we were no longer allowed to stay. So, we searched and found a house in a more rural area on a half acre.

I was rear ended on June 6, and finally got my car back July 7… So it is great to be mobile again!

I dont know if i mentioned this… But the device that regulated the temperature in my coolerbator short circuited (happens sometimes with Chinese electronics) so, it would randomly stop turning back on. So the eggs would hum along for a day or two, and then the mechanism that turned the heat back on wouldn’t work, so the temps would drop. Then I had to leave the lights on, and getting temperature regulation with that setup was difficult. Since it took me awhile to notice the problem, all eggs died.

My youth agronomy plots had sorghum that failed to germinate, due to severe drought. Not even the weeds will grow… So, I am replanting pumpkins and need to go out and irrigate three times a week. Homesteading is hard! Now I know how Laura Ingalls Wilder felt.

Did I mention that somebody robbed our detached laundry room and took the weed whacker, leaf blower, cordless drill and 150′ of extension cord.


Anyways, on a happy note… The babies are now three weeks old… And they are so happy in their habitat with all of the forage they care to eat!  I have 14 quail left from Brigitte the amazing hatching 50+ (sold a lot of them). They are outside now, in breeding groups and growout. Cages.

Life has been rough, but we move on.


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