My New Obsession with Quail

I don’t know WHAT I started, but this week, my quail are averaging about an egg a day! Since I got these guys at auction, I am not 100% sure of their age. But needless to say, I AM OBSESSED with the idea of raising quail. This totally coincides with the new obsession with refurbishing and upcycling furniture and pallets, so that works to my advantage to. I won a Sawzall on an ebay auction to take apart these pallets better, but am using a hacksaw in the mean time.

This is an amazing Quail Egg. Small and delicious.

This is an amazing Quail Egg. Small and delicious.

AND the impulse buying kicks in again. I got 120+ Jumbo Coturnix Quail Eggs for $22 (+$16 shipping) off ebay. This is a better deal than I can get, even at auction. They should arrive next week (And I am beyond excited). So I am putting together a new incubation chamber. I got a cheap 30 gallon fishtank off craigslist ($10), and need to get a hygrometer/temperature monitor, and incandescent 60 watt lightbulbs, then should be ready to go.

So, here’s to starting a new enterprise! Keeping the biggest and best for egg layers, and growing out the rest for food (both pet and human).


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