Another New Girl, and A Finished Roof

I finally finished the roof of the guinea pig coop! It is corrugated plastic, at an angle (courtesy of a 2×2). This setup is on top of a sheet of plywood. This is a really solid and heavy setup.


I think the roof is solid, and AWESOME.

I also got another guinea pig off craigslist last Tuesday. Sticking with the sweets theme (maybe I am compensating for giving up refined sugar), I called her Oreo.

Oreo: She is around 2 years old, and weighs 2.37 pounds, and currently is in the other outdoor setup with Silkie (Cadbury, Caramel, and Egg). She looks a lot like Ethel.


This is Oreo, a 2.37 lb female i got from a former 4H kid

Off to refurbish a bookcase I got for free into a quail cage for my hatching.


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