Environmental Degradation: Drought

I am in the process of writing a cover letter and resume for a Girl Scout program director position. Needless to say, it is a long, harrowing process, and I was in need of a break. What better way to feel productive than writing a blog post about my art.

Awhile back, I said that I was going to create an environmental degradation. This is my first installation, and no, I never got a chance to finish it. Actually, when I was working on it, somebody walked by and purchased it, even though I didn’t get it finished all the way (he was in a hurry).

It was my first official sale…

Drought can be created by natural causes, but also by mismanagement of water resources in semi-arid areas

Drought in the West. This is one of my favorite skies that I have ever done.

Drought in the West. This is one of my favorite skies that I have ever done.

I really love how soil is two thirds of this picture (even though the sky is what really takes the cake for awesomeness). There are cracks in the earth, resulting from a long period without any rain. No life is visible anywhere, but there are some mountains in the background.

Other people that I know are researching drought resistant corn and sorghum,and others research how plants use water to create the most efficient water use. Hopefully we can be prepared for the climate pattern fluctuations.


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