Blue Merle Aussie Puppy in a Flower Field

My dog Clark has a best friend whose name is Dexter. Dexter is a blue merle Australian Shepherd (I really love merles) owned by my friend Sissy Demon (It is a summer camp thing). The last time I visited Dexter and Demon (WAY too long ago, because they live in Minnesota) we took the dogs out to the lake to teach them to kayak (one of our favorite hobbies).

Clark would have no part of sitting in my lap, as there were too many geese to chase on the lake. Dexter, however was the model citizen, and sat right on Demons lap as she paddled around. I hope someday to try paddle boarding or canoeing with Clark, as I am taller and bigger than Sissy, and I think he was just too cramped.

Anyways, I digress from the point… Dexter wasn’t adopted until he was out of the “puppy cuteness” phase, so I wanted to try and capture for Sissy Demon the innocence of the blue merle aussie puppy with this creation. I am very proud of how he turned out. I like the background of greens and outdoors too.

This is my double merle Aussie Puppy.

This is my double merle Aussie Puppy.

Now that I have finished a few puppies, and know how much work they take, I am going to start in on a few working dogs, agility, herding, etc., and a special project for my friend Judy. This is, of course, after I finish up my winter scene at Lake Superior.


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