The Mud…. and Driveway Start

We don’t have a driveway, obviously… being a brand new construction and all. This wasn’t a major issue until we got like, 2.5″ of rain in a two day span. The truck was starting to sink into the clay, and it was already hard enough to back out of the driving without bottoming out in the ditch. So, we went and bought a half a cubic yard of slag to fill this hole. Now, we got 10 bags of concrete to start on the insulation of fence posts, but silly me forgot to cover them… so, the quickset concrete had already started to set when it got wet.


So we decided to put the concrete bags into the giant hole, and cover it with the slag. Make some lemonade out of my mistake.


This is a good, temporary measure to get some traction and not harm the truck when we get out of the driveway… though, 1/2 yard didn’t go very far in the grand scheme of things, it was a start.


Fiddle was helping us spread the slag and shovel it out of the truck.

Sadly, this really wasn’t enough to get the truck to not stick in the mud… I managed to get my Jetta out, but wasn’t planning on trying to get it back in. So, we bit the bullet and ordered another 5 tons of slag to be ordered and delivered once it is dry out. Didn’t realize how quick the soils would liquify here.



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