New Years Day!

So, first thing in the morning we had to run and get more EMC conduit and the proper bits to actually use the nail gun and compressor (yet another hardware store run), because I mistook which of the tent flys we actually got. We made short work of cutting the remaining tent legs, and put the assembly up! Please excuse the mess, we were booking it to avoid the rain. img_20170101_135402428

We also managed to get the right pieces for the nail gun to use, so we could start securing the decking under where the stove was going to be. We then used the tent feet to secure the conduit to the platform, so wind doesn’t blow it off.


My lovely assistant is a 6 month old cattle dog named Fiddle, and she loved bringing me the legs. She also brought me a soda when I didn’t ask. This be a clown dog. Since we were also expecting rain, we jury rigged the tent fly to the trees so water would run off the tent.

One the platform under where the wood stove would be was nailed to the floor (thank you nail gun), we could then install our stove and stovepipe through the roof and fly so we could have heat for the night. Got to go to sleep on the new, almost completed platform tent with a toasty fire to keep us warm.



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