First things First… Supplies!

Well, first things first on the new homestead…. Need shelter, a fence to keep the dogs and rabbit beasts safe, and a rabbit barn to protect the rabbits from the elements…. So, we rent a trailer from Tractor Supply to haul. All. The. Things.


We are doing a 5′ high, no climb horse fence (with 2″ x 4″ holes).  This is for the 1 acre home site. We have stock dogs that we need to keep in, and the rabbits need protecting from coyotes.

We are also putting up a 50′ rabbit barn made with cattle panels that we featured previously. So we also needed to get 18 cattle panels, and 20 T posts, as well as a 52′ long billboard tarp.

Once we got the fence posts and cattle panels unloaded, we had to head back to Lowe’s to grab the materials to build the deck and house.


All told, this took over a day to get stuff gathered.


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