Back online, off the grid!

Well, it has been way too long since I updated. After I lost 2/3 of my stock to a Clostridium contaminated feed, and I had a bunch of show quality juniors that I bought that needed to mature.
About this time we lost the the battle with the city to keep “livestock” within city limits (including Lagomorph, which are rabbits), even though we totally told them what we were about before we even moved in. It is utterly rediculous, as the city code officer had no concept of science, and gave 15 scientifically false statements in his crusade against us…. So we had to keep a low profile while we figured out alternatives, as after this law passed, we technically weren’t even allowed to have a pet rabbit.

Well, lucky for me as this all was going down, I had the opportunity to interview for my dream job! Which I succeeded in acing, and landing. 
Which was convenient, as it was in a different state, which not only gave me incentive to move, but it also gave us the freedom to pursue our dreams of farming.

Well, things got complicated…. with 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 40 rabbits, I couldn’t just move into an apartment, we had to buy. Because my husband was going to stay in NC until he could get better leads on work, we got turned down for two mortgages! We couldnt even get a house worth less than the house we already owned (which was already rented out). 

So, I lived in a tent at a nearby state park with my Poco (service dog), and my new puppy (more pictures once I figure out how this WordPress update works) Fiddle. 

And we were able to find an 11.79 acre property for $24,000 about 30 minutes from work. Remote, located on a gravel road off a gravel road….

After spending a majority of the last 2.5 months car camping (and not having a ton of disposable income), we decided to build and operate our farm as off grid as possible. 

So, now we have a new saga.

We closed yesterday on raw, wooded, land that I moved into right away, and get to chronicle the building process, while figuring out logistics on how to move rabbits and get a barn up…. 

That’s all for me for now!


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