StarCatcher x Sandrider


StarCatcher was my pick of the litter from my first purebred AmChin breeding. She is the sister of doe SY48. She reached 5 lbs by 8 weeks (seriously almost unheard of for an AmChin), and was bred at 8.5 lbs at 6 months. She has poor shoulders, so isn’t show quality, so she doesn’t need to be senior doe perfect weight. I also didn’t want her to get fat.


And she had 12 kits! The biggest first time litter i had ever gotten! And tied for the biggest litter i ever had! I expect her to lose the runts over the week, but she pulled fur, and everyone is fed after 2 days! Good mamma bear.

Hopefully this means I have a good eye for potential? Hah 🙂


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