Furcrafting with Rabbit Hides

So, we are really excited with the quality of our furs (as a matter of fact, have over 20+ furs in the tanning process atm) and the prospect of selling them to costumers and bartering tanned skins for breeding stock. This process is documented in post 1 and post 2. The repetitive monotony is really good for ADD style issues, as the monotony can be very calming.


I have decided to get a bit into the standard Rex rabbits from the Best Little Hare House in Hanover, and will be getting a new one in less than a month! Mostly because I am in love with tanning and the idea of keeping the legacy of my American Chinchillas and American Blues alive!


But I am using this post to document the posts that are helping me, both in technique and furcrafting, as a reference to other people, because I think tanning questions come up on a daily basis in a lot of my facebook meat rabbit groups.

Anyways, Valuable Links:

The tanning method that I chose was the one using battery acid, as alum tanning is mostly for wall hangings.  Even as a first timer, I was able to get some amazing skins.

This is the website that talks about the creation of a fur purse, which requires strong seams. It mentions the binding methods they use, and special tricks and techniques working with furs.




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