An Experiment in Tanning

Well, I have been doing a lot of rabbit processing throughout the last year, and have been holding onto the skins. Mostly junior pelts, less quality than older animals, but still something valuable nevertheless.

So I am trying my hand at tanning using salt and battery acid.

The guy at the auto parts store was like, careful, this is acid (duh), and my response was… It’s OK, I am a scientist.

Anyways, I used

1 5 gallon pail
1 gallon hot water
2 lbs salt (uniodized)
1 gallon cool water
8 oz battery acid


Then I thawed some frozen skin tubes, cut them open and washed the fur with soap and water.


Then I lowered the skins into the 5 gallon pail and stirred.


Now, I wait a week to peel off the remaining fat and skin layer, and do some final processing.

Kind of excited.


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