Pythons First Litter

We had somebody knock on our door and hand us a doe rabbit they couldn’t care for anymore. She is a small girl, only about 4 lbs, and a pretty purple color. She came to us very thin, and it took over a month to out weight back on (because I am not rehoming a sick looking rabbit).


So, we decided to give her a try, and see what her mothering ability is, since she really hasn’t shown any likelihood to be a pet. (She is very hormonal).

We bred her with Warlock, and wound up having a litter of eight. One didn’t survive. She pulled a great nest! Most of the babies are a lilac color like her, with a few dark babies thrown in.


Because she is so small, these are some of the tiniest babies I have ever seen! I am so used to meat rabbits… Anyways, these will be sold for Easter, so we shall see if she continues to be a great mother.


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