Fun with Color Genetics 4: Warlock the Buck

Here goes nothing! This is the the fourth installment of color genetics, starting with my other buck Buckbeak. I wanted to try and predict what color his kits will be from his next litter. He is expecting two next week.

wpid-img_20150223_100735_169.jpgA: I am pretty sure that he is Agouti dominant (A). He could also be black and tan with steel tips.


B: I can’t exactly tell what color he is… I think he is brown, so recessive.


C: He is not chinchilla, or sable, as he doesn’t have any dilute white in his fur, and he isn’t REW, or pointed, so we are going with C.


D: He is not dilute in color, (but has had daughters that are), so he is a


E: He is steel, dark colored with little golden tips.



Warlock is A_bbC_DdEse

He has also had blue solid colored kits, meaning that he has to have a recessive a, making him a AabbC_DdEse.




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