Breed like Rabbits, Or Not?

Well, we were expecting seven litters this past few weeks and got zero! Super frustrating! The bucks may have been sterile from the heat of summer. Nobody took… (Two are due today). Since our bout with pasturella, I refused to breed and spread it. But today, everyone was symptom free for a long time, and we were ready to roll again.


And let me say, my new American Chinchilla buck is amazing! He took right away to breeding, and bred Syren and Flyte. The does respect him. Unlike Physik, who they don’t like to lift for (poor guy trys soooo hard too). I used Sorceress, who is very forgiving to get Physik some Bunny Love! I also bred Magician to Warlock.

I miscalculated Sorceress’s breed date, and she is due today (and I rebred her). Oops. Hopefully she has a litter. It is my last hope from getting ANYTHING from that $50 buck I bought. (Even though Pepino is adorable)


I also cleaned out the cages. I only have 24 grow out rabbits left for food or sale (and managed to unload over 80 lbs this month for clients). Fingers crossed I have new baby pics in a day or so.


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