Lisa’s Babies and Piggie Woes

This morning, I was received a treat. I had just finished treating the rabbits for ear mites, and I look over and see Lisa, my white albino guinea pig giving birth to her third piglet! The miracle of birth never gets old. The fact that they know just what to do. This comes the night after the bulb went out in the pheasant brooder, and I lost five of them! I am not trying to sound profound or anything, bit homesteading can be very tough.

Death is at every corner, be it from disease, or birth defects, or bad births. This is especially true with guinea pigs. I had to cull my Abby sow, because she has had several litters, but her piglets don’t make it to maturity. She didn’t even bother to clean the afterbirth off this last set.

But back to cute news!


There is one mostly white pig with a tan and brown head, as well as a pig with a black sport on her butt.


And another black and red one crawled right to the feeder trough and started to eat the hay and pellets! I forget how awesome they are!


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