All the Things…


Why is it that I run out of cages right before I go on a work trip?! I am going to Duluth to present my dissertation research for five days. I love people and being a charismatic scientist, but holy man, so much work to do. I had six cages arrive that I need to assemble for grow outs. I am using the shade under the tree in the yard and tarps, as I don’t have a ton of time to build assemblies… So I am using cinder blocks to elevate them off the ground. I need to get these litters into growout to make room for my new litters.

The ducklings are massive, from 1 oz, they have ballooned up to 14 oz in two weeks since I got them. Huey, Duey, and Louy are nearly at processing size (so amazing). I also appear to have five drakes in my four month old khaki Campbell’s, and four hens. So the excess drakes will be culled for pet food once I lock down my buyer.  But I need to get these ducklings outside and off my porch.

There is hardware cloth, lumber, and sawdust all over the place in my living room. In order to move the ducklings outside, I have to build a new guinea pig pen for the growouts. It is a tall order to finish before I leave Sunday morning. There are more of them coming. It would also be nice to get the bobwhites outside, if I have enough lumber and hardware cloth.


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