Hoppy Easter from Flyte

Rabbits gestate for around 30 days, and you put in a nestbox around day 28. Well, it is now day 33 (I have never had a rabbit go past day 32.), and I had given up on both Flyte and Alchymyst having their first litter.


Flyte had pulled fur a bit, and hadn’t made any form of mess (pooping or peeing) in her box. I thought she had experienced a false pregnancy. Alchymyst made a huge mess in her box, so I rebred her to all three bucks yesterday. Flyte wouldn’t breed, so I thought she was still hormonal. Lucky for me I waited, as their were nine little American Chinchilla babies waiting for me this morning. This is my new bucks second litter, and Flyte’s first. Here’s to hoping she is successful.  Her sister Magyck was due last Thursday, but hasn’t had babies yet either. This gives me hope that she is gestating longer too.


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