Lost them all… And finally a fodder setup

Well, I haven’t posted because the homestead has suffered from a major setback. Because of that one day of wind chill below zero, I have lost all of the baby guinea pigs under three weeks, as well as five of the recently weaned males. There was a total of 15 lost. Devastating.

Makes me feel like a horrible person. However, when you are looking at creatures that are less than 0.5 lbs, there is very little margin of error. I also lost POW and her two kits to ketosis.

But, the baby rabbits are still thriving, and doing really well. I also managed to find wheat grain for use in my fodder system.


The first batch is soaking, and I hope to provide my rabbits and guinea pigs with super high quality forage, even when the grass is not growing well, and it is super cold! I will let you know in a week how it works.



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