New Setup and Buffy and Lisa’s Babies Into Growout

I did some major shuffling of the homestead recently. I moved the pigs into a more shaded corner of the yard that stayed a bit drier. With this Pacific Northwest weather that we have been having, I felt that they needed a bit more space. I also am deciding to start a fodder system to give them fresh greens instead of moving the tractors. I love the setup of my tractor, but unless I move it twice a day, they eat right down to the nubs of the grass, encouraging potentially dangerous weeds to grow instead. So, I am keeping the cages stationary and raking lawn clipping for the future.


I have five babies that are into the growout pens, as they are over three weeks of age, it is time for them to go into the sorting process and get put into a new pen.


Bilo is a female, weighing at 0.45 lbs. The males are 0.41, 0.34, 0.38, and 0.41 lbs.


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