Citizen Science Good Earth Adventures: The Final Chapter

Today was a day for transformations! During early April, the girls got together and we created concrete “badges” to permanently decorate our “sash”. and leave our mark on the project for the near future, and we also prepared for the Good Earth Adventures program, when we were going to ribbon cut our rain garden and have the younger generation help us plant the garden.

I already posted how proud I was of my girls when the event was happening. We had two, one hour sessions. The girls had to give a powerpoint talk to the younger girls about the citizen science process, and what they learned. I am very proud of the four who could make it! (Prom interfered).


The girls planned a solution to the gully and clogged outlet pipe resulting from the high amount of sediment from building runoff. After their powerpoint talk, they split the girls into two groups. A group that painted rocks to be included into the finalized rain garden, and a group that would be planting plants directly into the garden.

image (9)


The girls responded to both activities very well, and it was awesome to watch the girls take leadership of the process, and the lazy me got to hang out and watch them work.

image (7)


image (8)

And we also had parents and troop leaders help us out (just to prove that men aren’t excluded)

image (5)

All and all, the day went very well, the weather was perfect, and so were my girls! They created an amazing transformation from a sloped gully into a beautiful work of art.



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