Sorceress had Bunny Babies, and a Third Baby from Abby

Last night, I noticed that Sorceress had pulled out a bunch of her fur into her nestbox. But, by that time, my hands were freezing, so I didn’t want to dig around.


It is a really good sign to see that much fluff when it was so cold out.


This is Sorceress, the proud mother of 8 babies of various colors. Some white, some with red splotches, spotted, and black.


This is one of the naked, tiny pinkies!


And this is one of babies from Magician, after two days, the hair is starting to come in, and they are no longer pink!

I am hoping Syren will be having babies this week as well.


Also, I found another guinea pig baby this morning. I have a total of four albinos! Three from Abby, and one from Buffy.


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