Abby had Babies

Today was my last final exam of my academic career.

Well, it is dark and very cold, and I was outside doing dog agility for the last hour, and it is just above freezing with pretty chilling gusts at times. But, I don’t have light in the back yard, so the biggest issue is actually the darkness. All pigs that were obviously pregnant still are… And I will check tomorrow to see if it really was Abby that had babies. Since I have pigs in various stages of pregnancy, it is hard to tell.


She is also white and fluffy… And gave birth to two babies so far. Both are pure white, and one of the babies is fluffy with albino eyes.


And the other is smooth with albino eyes.


There may be more out there, but when it is so dark, and pigs move quickly under the three shelters and hay, but I counted 9 a few times.


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