Why are there never enough cages?

I leave on Saturday morning at 7 AM to go to Long Beach, CA for the Soil Science Society for America meeting (so excited, many things that I planned and did for this years meeting). But, Magyk and Flyte are ready to breed, so they need to be separated. Alcymyst and Magician are together in the same cage, and both are due to have kits this week, and Necromancer is in with a buck. I also have other bucks indoors. This means that I am DESPERATE need of cages… at least another three hole cage to put into the breeding system. Queste and Sorceress are due next week. Lucky, I have 5 nestboxes now!

I have a bunch of cage making materials, and my angle grinder, but I have been so busy with work stuff (presentation, dog training, etc.) that I haven’t put more than minimum effort of feeding and sorting into the homestead. I also need to get a hay structure set up, and the rabbits moved indoors. I also have to get the guinea pigs outside of temporary housing, and get the wire mesh onto their 32 square foot free range pasture. This will give them way more space to free range.

The quail need to get off the ground and secured (so my dogs stop pilfering the birds), with their lights and sloped floor cages. The quail eggs need to go into the incubator.


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