Last Set of Guinea Pig Babies: Cassius

Well, this morning I moved Alchymyst to a temporary cage with a nesting box, as her and Magician were hormonal as all get out! While I was out, I got some hay for the front guinea pigs, and saw Cassius pull out her last new pup!


The other three were still wet!  Well, I walked away to let her finish her business, and when I walked back, there were three pigs, upright and wandering around.


I moved them inside the green box, as it is warmer, and POW hangs out babysitting, even though she has never had pups of her own.


All three of these are strong and brown!


But the last pup born was having issues standing, and because I interrupted labor, I think it got chilled. I brought the tiny guy inside to dry with a hairdryer.


Now, he can turn from his back to his belly, and is moving around, not flopped over dead-like.


I am hoping once he is out in the green box, there will be plenty of body heat. The sows nurse for each other, and he has like, 7 different ones to way from. So, I hope that he lives through the day, as most pigs are born running around, insistent on eating.


4 responses to “Last Set of Guinea Pig Babies: Cassius

  1. The hairdryer thing reminds me of the David Sedaris story where the mom put the hamster in the oven and they think she’s sadistic and then magical. You’re so kind to the little guy. I hope he recovers!


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